About Us

Ohm Electronics Inc. was established in 1984 repairing Commodore 64 computers and selling electronic parts. Today we focus on consumer electronic repairs, specializing in Vintage Audio. We also provide installation of Network infrastructure, Paging / BGM systems, and Security Cameras. We sell Used audio equipment, and are an authorized dealer for Audio Technica, PRV, NTE / ECG, PRB Belts, and Pfanstiehl Turntable Parts & Accessories.

Meet The Team

Scott Beebe

President / Owner

Scott, a dedicated technician, has been with OHM Electronics Inc. since 1998. When the original owner chose to retire in July 2022, Scott stepped up to ensure the company’s continuity by purchasing it. His commitment to transparency and passion for his work drive him to maintain the well-established business. Outside of the repair shop and on-site work, Scott finds solace in being out on the boat and fishing

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